Fishing and It's Physical and Non-Physical Factors for Growth of Fishing.

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Hello guys!


It's my first blog, and i was thinking about writing a blog on Geography First of all let me tell you what Geography is, this word Geography has two parts, which are driven from two Greek words "Geo" and  "Graphy". Now, in these two words, word GEO means Earth and Graphy means description. So, the description of earth is know as geography. Or in other word:

Geography is study of relationship between the earth and it's people.

Now, onto the fishing. As we all know fishing is being done on this earth from a very long time. It is a primary activity and it's one of the most important economic activity in the world. It is important for both countries developed or undeveloped. Fish is a cheapest thing available in market and it's a great source of vitamins, mineral and protein. Fish provides 7% of world wide supply of protein. 10% of fish come's from inland water and rest 90% from marine water. Let's define what fishing is:

A method or act of catching fish from ocean, rivers and ponds for the purpose of eating and economic trading is know as Fishing

Their could be many factors that can raise in the production of Fishing industry. Talk to everyone and everyone would have a different answer, not the answer you imagine of course. Well, these are the following i came up with:

  • Physical Factors
  • Non-Physical Factors 

                                                  Physical Factors for Growth of Fishing

There could be many physical factors involved in growth of Fishing industry and i'm going to mention a few of them.


                                     IMAGE CREDIT: Download from GOOGLE.COM

  1. Continental Shelf is the area of seabed where large land mass is and sea is relatively shallow. Continental shelf provide a large amount of plankton and share a wide expense world wide. Continental shelf are always good fishing ground, due to abundant supply of plankton. Most of the edible fish are found in the continental shelves. 
  2. Broken Coastal Lines can also tip the scale's in the favor of fishing industry. Coast line can be a breeding ground for fish and calm water in broken coastal line could be good in nourishment of fish. China and Russia have some coastal lines, from where a large amount of fish is fished annually.                                                                                                                                                                            IMAGE CREDIT: DOWNLOAD FROM GOOGLE.COM
  3. Turbulent Sea Water is also an important factor in growth of fishing industry and it's also quite favorable factor for growth in such a way, that it has a varieties of plant and food for fish, due to which a large quantity of fish is present in this area, which can tip the scale in the favor of fisher men. 
  4. Ocean Currents are huge masses under the surface of water which moves with the movement of earth or gravitational move of sun and moon. Each ocean current move in different direction some move in clock wise and some move in anti clock wise. The place where two sea meet each other are the best fishing ground world has ever know.                                                                                                                                   IMAGE CREDIT: DOWNLOAD FROM
  5. Plankton is essential for growth of fishing industry and is favorable in a immense way. It is basic and important food for fish. Plankton could be small size animal or plants drifting o on the surface of water. A place where is abundance of plankton could affect development of fishing industry big time.
  6. Climate is another great factor in growth of fishing industry. As, we know in hot climate it's a lot difficult to live in, same is to be said for fish they usually move away from hot climate and we can found a abundance of fish in cold climate, so yes we can say that a cold climate is essential for growth of fishing industry.
  7. Forest is also a very important factor in growth of fishing industry, as it can provide a huge abundance of food for fish. As, a matter of fact huge amount of fish can be found where their is abundance of food in water.

                       Non-Physical Factors

There are many factors that can be applied for increase in fishing production. Some of them are as follow.


  1. Capital or investment is a very important factor for establishment of fishing industry. It's not just that, you need capital for larbour or instrument, but instead you need for everything machinery, boats and preservation systems also.
  2. Cheap Labour is also an essential requirement of fishing activities. You are more likely to gain more profit and increase your production, if you have a lot of labour. And surely you can't hire a lot of expensive labour. So, availability of labour at a cheap price is essential for growth of fishing industry.
  3. Latest equipment is another great factor for increase in production of fishing industry. As, we all know world is progressing rapidly without an excuse. World is developing new and fastest mean of doing work, which was done a really long period of time. Your fishing industry is to develop a lot, if your industry is depending upon modern toolstechnology and machinery. If you have these your industry is to grow rapidly.
  4. Latest ports is a really important factor in growth of fishing industry. Production must be easily available in market area, so that the raw material could be easily supplied and whole of the production is easily available to consumer.
  5. Modern means of transportation is another important factor in growth of a fishing industry. After fishing process it is important that you should have a mean of transportation which can quickly transport fishing goods to the Ports of the country. It is also necessary to connect the industry with market and consumer, so that it is available to the consumer. So, we can say that modern mean of transportation is essential in growth of fishing industry.
  6. Modern Preservatory System are also essential for growth of fishing industry. The problems people faced back in 19th and 18th century was preservation of food and fish. Now, they used to caught a lot of fish, but their transportation was not that much fast. It took a really long time to bring it back to the port. Due to which they have to throw out most of fish, because it cannot be eaten. So, yes we can say that modern preservatory system can cause a growth in fishing industry. 
  7. Demand it is the last factor for growth in fishing industry. Fish is enrich with vitamin, protein and mineral and it's mostly used in cold areas. If you want a growth in your fishing industry then demand is an essential part for it and can play a huge role in growth of fishing industry. 


SO, these were some factor in growth of fishing industry, probably these are not all the factor, maybe there are more factors in it some of them i might have missed. But these are all i know so, thanks for reading i really appreciate it.

                                                                        Thank You!

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