FlapPig: A variant of Flappy Bird, with real monitary rewards!

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     Hello everyone! I'm Drei318 and this is my first blog and I'm gonna be talking about a game called FlapPig. Let me introduce you to the game first.

Introduction to the Game

You are gonna control Foo, who is a pig, to collect digital gold and avoid obstacles. You also earn the digital gold, if you connect your BitLanders account. You can connect it in 3 easy steps. This game is great for shy people who don't post (I'm one of them)

How to Connect your BitLanders account to FlapPig

  1. Make sure to have stable internet connection. 
  2. Press the BitLanders button as shown in the photo below



   I took the photo. On the bottom left you can see that my account was logged in already.

     3. Sign in your account.

It's just 3 steps, so you can sign in immediately. If you are logged in to your account in FlapPig, when you complete the level, you should see something that says "You win __ satoshi" like the photo below.



I took the photo. As you can see, On level 19, you can win 117 satoshi. That is if you take the gold gift, which we will be talking about later. When you are not logged in, you get 0 satoshi for every level, no matter which gift you take.



I took the photo. As you can see, there are three gifts: The bronze, the silver and the gold. The gold is obviously the most precious, the bronze is obviously the least precious and the silver is in the middle. the gifts compute the satoshi that will be given and the score multiplier. They have different values. The gold multiplies your current score by 6 on the first level and gives 4 satoshi on the first level, but I don't know the criteria of the other levels. The bronze multiplies it by 1 and gives 1 satoshi on the first level. The silver multiplies it by 3 and gives 2 satoshi on the first level. 


Beware: This Game Is NOT Gem-friendly

As you can see in the first photo, I have only 3 gems remaining. I used to have 11, but spent 5 gems for accidental clicks and I spent 3 intentionally (But 5 gems wasted for nothing?) That button that was accidentally clicked was the "retry level" Which spends 1 gem for each accidental click. It spends the gem without permission (Beware!). (Most games ask if I'm sure to spend a currency) The photo below shows the retry level button. I took the photo.

 Play this game without losing gems by TAPPING HIGH or TAPPING ON THE LEFT. Go! Download this game now to earn BitMiles.


Note: This is my original work. Don't cheat by copying.

Copyright: Drei318 


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