FlapPig isn't the most effective way to earn BitMiles...

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If you have seen my first blog, it was about FlapPig being a fast way to earn BitMiles without posting anything. But, it's not the fastest, and it's also risky. This is my fourth blog.

How is FlapPig a risky way to earn BitMiles?

Don't get fooled by the cuteness of the pig. FlapPig is a very risky way to earn BitMiles. It is risky because you could lose A LOT of gems playing FlapPig. How? Well, if your internet is slow and laggy (like mine) It could make the game freeze for a second, and when it freezes, and the pig falls, you can very easily press the repeat level button, which costs you 1 gem. It instantly spends the gem, without prompting. 1 may not seem like a big number, but it happened FOUR TIMES IN ONE SESSION to me. Again, 4 may not seem like a big number, but that was all of my gems. Well, you can earn extra satoshi, but it is not worth it. 1 gem for a few satoshi? Not worth it. 

What is the fastest way to earn BitMiles without posting anything?

The fastest way to earn BitMiles without posting anything? That would have to be the Hillary Summers chat. 30 BitMiles for the first question, and it gains 30 every time, until it reaches 780 BitMiles in which it will cycle back to 30 BitMiles. It earns way more than FlapPig does. Also, no gems are risked! The main problem here is the questions may bore you and they may be repetitive. 

But I have so much fun playing FlapPig. Do I really have to completely stop?

No. You can safely play FlapPig with 0 gems. Also, when you have gems, you would want to play it without internet, so your BitLanders account is not connected. Gems are safe.

I'm bored of all of Hillary Summers's questions. Any other quick ways?

There is a way! Overcome your shyness, post several microblogs, post a blog once in a while, and a daily gallery. There! That's the best way to earn BitMiles at a very fast rate.

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