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FilmAnnex has brought many new changes to the site this year. All these changes were great and people have liked it a lot as well. The growing trend on FilmAnnex is a proof that FilmAnnex (changed to BitLanders) keeps giving people a great social media so that people can work on it in an easy way.

Though a couple of changes are worth mentioning, but the greatest change is to bring in new URL, BitLanders. Though the name BitLanders is good one, but I want to ask if the name FilmAnnex wasn't the right one for this platform? Bit here obviously refers to bitcoin but not majority of the content is related to bitcoins on this website so why to change it? Personally, I did not like it at all and I would request to bring back "FilmAnnex" since this is the name that is stuck on my mind and it is so easy now to come on tongue. Bit-Landers - weird!

Second thing I want to mention why, despite the blogs I write are over 1600 words plus informative, FilmAnnex (BitLanders) does not give me good score as far Buzz is concerned. I have seen some non-sense blogs around with minimal wordings and yet their BuzzScore keeps increasing sky rocket. This is not fair at all since I am working everyday to increase my BuzzScore yet I am being "discriminated".

Third, I want to ask FilmAnnex (BitLanders): The revenue will go down more since we are not getting paid compared to the work we do. How about to consider this point and increase the FilmAnnex (BitLanders) budget a bit so that we get the revenue according to our hard work. This also means more th work (of course, original) more the revenue. I know a couple of people who left FilmAnnex because they thought it was totally unfair to work so hard to get only peanuts. I request FilmAnnex (BitLanders) to heed upon my complaints and suggestions as well as increase the number of Urdu coordinators because only one coordinator can not check if not thousands then hundred of blogs while our blogs get approved after 1 to 2 days due to which our BuzzScore keeps dropping gradually. Please do consider these things so that we can work more and get paid per our efforts. Thank you!

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