Foods to protect you against flu

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Foods to protect you against flu

Prevention and treatment of flu, URI and other cold-related diseases may not only be effective, but tasty too. It is sufficient enough to include some simple and healthy foods into your diet.

The lemon is an available product containing a high dose of vitamin C and essential oils. Therefore almost every recipe of home-made remedies for treating flu and URI include a lemon as the key or additional ingredient.

The ginger root contains a large number of substances with antiviral and immunomodulatory effects. Ginger has an antimicrobial effect and facilitates regular action of the bowels. It triggers sweating and removes toxins from the body. The recommended dose of ginger is 10 grams a day for an adult and not more than 5 grams for a child. It is an excellent remedy for flu and URI treatments.

Ginger lemon tea recipe


Chop 1 lemon and 3 cm of ginger root, then add fresh boiling water. Add honey of your choosing. Leave to brew for a while. If you wish, flavor you tea with some cloves, a cinnamon stick, a couple of pieces of allspice and peppermint. When you have the first symptoms of a cold, drinking tea may prevent the cold from progressing. If a person is already ill, ginger tea will help relieve cold symptoms and speed up the recovery process. Ginger tea is recommended to be consumed daily during a flu epidemic period for the treatment of flu and URI. For your convenience, you can pour ginger tea into a thermos and take it with you to the office or give it to your child when he or she goes to school.


Garlic - is a powerful natural antiviral agent. For flu and URI prevention, it is recommended to consume a clove of garlic every day. For a greater efficiency and flu prevention, you may hang a clove of garlic underneath your clothes on a thin thread.

Almonds are a source of vitamin E which strengthens the cell membranes and increases their resistance to virus entry.

Yoghurt which should contain probiotics. Eating certain probiotic yoghurts will help normalize bowel action and increase your body's resistance.


A recipe of a vitamin mixture to boost the immune system and prevent flu and URI


4-5 lemons, 1 kg of apricot halves, 1 kg of dried plums or raisins, 1 kg of almonds or walnuts, 1 liter of honey, and 4-5 cloves of garlic. Mince the dried fruits, lemon, nuts and garlic and mix them with honey. Take one teaspoon of this mixture every day before eating.

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