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Hello girlfriends / friends bitlander

The day I bring my first OFFER !!

1 and I would like to present a wonderful website to make money online,
I'm talking about whitepinsplus or whitepins +,
German specialist present this page in fashion and trends, and also win money by comparing photos, here in this table will explain the gains.

Day 1-30 ------------------ 2 euros / day -------------- compare 2 photos
Day 31-58 ---------------- 3 euros / day -------------- compare 3 photos
Day 58-71 ---------------- 4 euros / day --------------- compare 4 photos
Day 71- 90 ---------------- --------------- 6 euros day you compare 6 photos

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 from day 90 may require payment by paypal, or transfer, from 50 euros.

No need referrals to make money, and not need to invest anything.
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HELP giving comaprtilo I like and if you like !!!

1 Step 1


My mail sponsored to earn your money you step by skype or MP
Offer for a few days !!

In this picture you have my email address  to be your sponsor and earn the money I offer !!!!



Tutorial + unmissable offer pay you $ 0.50  dollars

You have to enter my email when you register
You ask me for private or for skype

I paid $ 0.50 per paypal !!!!!
After your registo
Confirm your registration via an email that you send


step 2

Add to your Paypal Account email

I'll explain how to do it

(The site is in German and English)
Enter Mein Profil bearbeiten ... (German)
... And then in Stammdaten2 (German)
meine choose Auszahlung per PayPal (German)
and write in the box will appear paypal email ...
... And then saved this data
clicking on the green rectangle that says Stammdaten 2 speichem (German)

Step 3 [/ b]


Upload your National Identity
(scanned in Color)
(If you have 2 sides rises 2) ...
... And a bill of Electricity or Water or other document
where it is established that Resides at the Office
you used to Register For White Pins Plus
(scanned in color and with an age not exceeding 3 months)

I'll explain how to do it

Access Your Account and You press on Mein Profil bearbeiten (German)
Bottom right you will see a green rectangle
Verifizierngsdokumente says hochladen (German)
I click it ...
... And can you ask for your email and password again ...
... Write your email and password ...
... And see that you can select up to a maximum of 3 documents
Select from your computer the documents up
and when you have all the documents selected
Hochladen pressing and Subes

step 4

As Accredit me in my Account 25 Miles
(usually takes 1 to 2 days)
I will send to your Paypal $ 0.50
(Paypal's fees I will pay)

Contact me by skype neomidas 186 

All your doubts and would comment dejamelas down here
comunicate via Skype if you register to mine travez'll help as much as possible and to clarify the asusnto
I help you everything you need as charging obtaining paypal or skrill as paypal withdraw money from a bank account in the US,
 skype: neomidas186

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