Forever has Begun

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Marriage is a union of two souls, two hearts, two lives. 


When I was younger, I had my "DREAM HUSBAND". I always thought having a good husband with good looks, luxury cars, somebody who has many cars, big mansion, etc. It was always all about fancy things, so materialistic. Well I guess every teenage girls dream of that guy.


But in reality, life and fate lead you to the right one, the one who is beyond your dream. That someone may not have all the "THINGS" that you wanted from in a guy, but he has a lot of things that can make you satisfied with life.


In this generation, what matters the most is love. It is not just all about love but also faithfulness, sincerity, hard work, and respect. Marriage is not a security, but it is a strong foundation that a husband and wife should be working on. 

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