Francesco Rulli on The Global Currency to Support Education & Economy in Afghanistan

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Really interesting Blog story by Francesco Rulli over on the corporate Blog about using Your Buzz as a currency in the modern world:

"In today's world, traditional currencies are relatively valuable. But sometimes, they don't fit the need. Today, valuing a company just monetarily is limited and deceiving. There are bigger factors that only experts can manage. Morgan Stanley, a traditional investment bank firm, tried to give a valuation to Facebook, and we saw the sad results. Your Buzz is a universal currency that allows companies to position themselves and grow globally. This is why, from New York City, we can easily develop operations in Italy and Afghanistan. The currency transfer is only one small piece of the puzzle, the catalyst in a complex chemical operation. I know you might have to read the above concept two or three times to grasp its essence, but let me explain better here below."

See the full story at Film Annex Corp.

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