Fronto: Cash Making Lockscreen

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What is Fronto?
Fronto allows you to earn rewards just by waking up your phone. Just swipe. That’s it! You will discover rewards and interesting content on your lock screen. Swiping right, as always, will lead to your home screen. Swiping left will take you to a mobile webpage or to Google Play depending on the type of content shown on your lock screen. You will get reward points each time you participate in a sponsored promotion.

What will I see on my lock screen?
1. Curated news articles that make you not bored 
2. Sponsored promotions that make you earn money
3. Interesting perks and shopping info that you will love

How much do I earn rewards per one swipe?
We are doing our best to make you earn $20 monthly! To be more specific, rewards on Fronto come in the form of points, with an approximate exchange rate of 2,500 points per $1 (USD). The number of points received per swipe depends on the kind of action taken (ex. reading an article, downloading a sponsored app, following a sponsor on social media, unlocking your phone) and is determined by our unique algorithm. 

How do I claim my rewards?
You can find the option to redeem your points within the app by selecting the channel you prefer: through Amazon Gift Cards, PayPal, or by donating the cash to a charity of your choice (coming soon). Please note that the exchange rate from points to cash depends on the partner channel you select.