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1. Taking a train


Lady: Is this my train? 
Station Master: No, it belongs to the Railway Company. 
Lady: Don’t try to be funny. I meant to ask if I can take this train to New Delhi. 
Station Master: No Madam, I’m afraid it’s too heavy. 
2. Health problem
A man ran into a doctor’s office and said “DOCTOR! DOCTOR! You have to help me! Everywhere I touch on my body hurts!”
The doctor replied, “Show me.” 
So the man poked his ankle and screamed in pain. Then he poked his knee and yelled OW. He poked his forehead and screamed again. 
He was about to continue when the doctor said, “That’s enough, let me think this over.” 
He thought for about a minute and said “I think I know what your problem is. You broke your finger.

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