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I don’t remember where, but somewhere I have read that Life always deceives us. At that time I wasn’t able to understand the meanings behind this sentence but now, today I am feeling that in some extent I have understood this concept. Our life always depends on the other people. What they are thinking about our self, what they are feeling, what they are talking about us; each and every second of our life is dependent to the other’s point of view for us. We, the eastern people always believe on our moral values. What our family members are saying, always matters for us. But now I realize that this is not more than stupidity. I have read somewhere that even your shadow leaves you in darkness. That is also implements to our relations. I have very strong family bonding. And we believe to spend and share our happiness and sadness, but still I want everyone to take decision by self. It is very easy to speak about anyone but that is actually difficult to stand behind in hard timings. World is always there to see your theatre of life. Only the parents and siblings are the people who always there at our best and worst. What I have learnt with my experiences that we have to listen everyone but the decision must be ours. Life is very short; we all know that, we should not spoil our precious time by listening to others and to ruin our life by doing experiences. We should take our decisions our self no matter either it is correct or not. At the end, it must be ours. If there is any confusion while taking the decision, no worries, being a Muslim we believe in Istakhara, we can do it anytime, or we can take advice from our parents and elder siblings but the point is to take decision by our self and to stand on it. This will make us confident and in every stage of our life we would never feel lost. 

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