Gay marriage is legal in 30 states USA

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With this decision, the couple in five states, can get married.

United States Supreme Court rejected an appeal ban same-sex marriage in five states.

Same sex marriage in the state's five - Indiana, Utah, Oklahoma, Virginia and Wisconsin-has been delayed as a result of this appeal.

With this decision, same-sex marriage is legal in 30 states and also in the capital Washington DC.

The Supreme Court's rejection means the decision by a court before which prohibits homosexual marriage in the states it does not apply anymore.

Support for gay marriage gaining momentum in the United States since the Supreme Court issued two important decisions in 2013.

The decision issued on Monday (06.10) it means the nine states still have not decided on homosexual marriage.

as gay
Human Rights Campaign said the decision was a happy day for thousands of couples.

Same-sex couples in the five states mentioned in the Supreme Court decision, this time to get married because of the delay has been revoked.

While same-sex couples in six other states - Colorado, Kansas, North Caroline, South Carolina, West Virginia and Wyoming- can get married.

Human Rights Campaign - a gay rights organization in Washington-said the decision was "a happy day for thousands of couples across America will soon feel the impact of Supreme Court decisions."

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