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Yogurt is a healthy and tasty product, perfect for dieting and necessary for a balanced alimentation. It is possible that the name comes from the Turkish word ‘yogur’. The person who made yogurt famous was the Russian Ilici Mecinicov, the first to study its properties in a lab, in order to find out the secret of the Bulgarian population longevity, them being avid yogurt consumers. Besides learning about yogurt benefits, he has also won the Nobel Prize. 

Yogurt can be obtained out of cow, sheep, goat, buffalo and camel milk, each having a different nutritional content. Inside fermented milk, there are naturally two bacilli: Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus termophilus. They are responsible for the lactose division in glucose and lactic acid. In the merchandised yogurts, they add probiotic ferments, with the role of helping the bacterial flora, which can be affected by stress, incorrect alimentation and drugs that people take. These ferments also help digestion, defend people from intestinal infections and improve the immune system.

Probiotic bacteria are already found inside the human digestive system, which is why a natural yogurt should be consumed in case of a stomach ache, because it works as a gastric bandage. Also, those who regularly consume yogurt are safer from getting colds, since the immune system is strengthened. Inflammations, infections and colon affections also find remedy in yogurts. Yogurt consumption can prevent osteoporosis, and is indicated for women who approach menopause. This time, the most important role is attributed to calcium and vitamin D. Apparently, yogurt helps regulate arterial tension, but only if it’s fat free.

Yogurt benefits do not just stick to keeping people healthy, but also help them stay in shape. Saturation sensation appears faster if a cup of yogurt is consumed twice a day. For variations, people can pick from the wide array of products: fruit yogurts, yogurt dressing for salads, fruit salads with yogurt. Even though the calorie contribution is significant, advantages are considerable, especially on the long term.

Generally, the most indicated yogurts are the solid ones, not the ones to drink. Paradoxical, the first ones are more easily absorbed, and nutritive elements are more efficiently assimilated by the organism. It is clear that yogurt is very healthy. More than that, it is very tasty and people enjoy consuming it. It is the perfect aliment during summers, because it is extremely refreshing. Also, many persons use it as a remedy for hangover, since it is sour and hydrating. It is helpful for the teeth and provides a fresh breath.

Yogurt benefits have been outlined in the field of cosmetics; it is a basic ingredient for all kinds of hair and skin homemade masks and treatments. For example, it is said to remove dandruff. As shown, yogurt consumption can never hurt. There are a few counter indications, and people should be fine as long as they do not exaggerate and consume excessive amounts of lactates. To conclude, a yogurt a day helps people be healthier and, maybe, even live longer. 

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