Generation gap : How it occurs and how to bridge that gap?

Posted on at defines generation gap as ‘a lack of communication between one generation and another, particularly between teenagers and their folks, caused by variations in tastes, values, outlook, etc.’

Advancing together with the ever-changing time is somewhat a challenge for old folks however how exactly the generation gap occur ?


Primarily, senior citizens aren't willing to alter according to the time; it was all regarding ‘surviving ‘ however currently it’s all about ‘living’ . The world is lot more competitive currently and also the game of living is leveling up each minute.Coping with the change in the society can help old folks to bridge the gap.
GIST: Adapt with the time .experience

I don’t wanna offense seniors however sometimes they're holier-than-thou. Yes, they’re older and are loaded with experience but juniors also understand a lot regarding this world.This is equal for both- “Oldsters, you maybe wrong sometimes, admit it! and youngsters, respect what oldsters say and don’t take their advice for granted.
GIST: Abolish self righteous attitude .

Don’t set up your thinking to limited but expand the radius of your sphere of thinking .Not all but majority of the golden aged people are narrow minded. Maintaining a vigorous interest in current hustling world is pretty difficult but is significant. With the age comes experience and a better understanding of many issues therefore, take it as a plus, broaden your mind and be the intelligent one.
GIST: Broaden your mind .

People are pretty much occupied in this pacing world but spare some time from your busy schedule for your aging parents, take them for a vacation, have a family dinner, talk or at least call them cause they’re the one to bring you to this elegant world.


Just remember, you'll also be old one day !

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