" Generation gap"

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The generation gap is something in which there are complications between two generations.Just like parents and children.No doubt that this is the stronggest relation in the world and also loyal one.But even then there are some complications which children or parents have to face.Many time in our life especially in teen age , the children think like their parents cannot understand them . As they are old fashioned and they have some boring background.It is not true all the time. Because at that time children didn't understand that their parents wants best for them.They want to save them from this evil world from many misdeeds that is why they used to intrrept .And honestly speaking, I would say that they do a great job.                                                             Itt is their moral duty to correct their childrens. And tell them about the right path.No other can guide you best than your parents As they know very well what is good for you.Now a question araouses that how parents can always be right ? As they are also human beings they can be wrong in many decision making.At this point I will favour the children who can argu them.But there is a way to interact with our parents.We never should behave rude with them.Otherwise we can share with them that i like this thing you can also think about it.And if children and parents both have some understanding they can solve their complications very soo.                                                                                                               The most important case or I can say that one complain i have with those parents who always ordered their children to do this and that and they even never thin for a while that what actually their baby wants ? Especially in the matter of studies.Many time I have seen these type of cases in my life.Even many of my students used to tell me that " my mom dad said you have to do engneerng or doctng But i'm not at all interested in that subject " M'am please help us.this is not good.Atleast parents should ask their children that what ever they like to study they should masters in that suject.Now the mistake of today's generation is that they have no time for their parents , they should also understand their parents feelings and should spent more and more time with them.So that these complications of generation gap can be evoided. :) 

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