Get in peoples hands now! Register receipt advertising in Las Vegas.

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3 Month Ads Starting At $200 Per Month Why advertise with us? Why Register Tape? Businesses spend thousands of dollars weekly to reach potential customers. If your a coin business advertising online,you need real world exposure.We do that. Now with coinpon register receipts every transaction in 18b stores, customers are handed your full color ad as they leave the checkout.It is a personal "invitation" to visit your business or website is handed to them 1000s+ times during the course of a 3 month promotion. No other form of advertising is as direct, repetitive and cost effective as ads. This is why you will experience tremendous results.This will be the 1st time ever that crypto advertising is going straight to the end consumer.This will get your brand in a position that no other crypto business has ever been. This will build familiarity, trust and loyalty to your brand.You will be part of publics first touch with crypto daily. Most ad backed coupons target a 2-5 mile area. Our coinpon is being introduced in Las Vegas 18b Art District. 50% of our customers will bringing these awesome 1st time seen ads to every city and country.Daily new tourists will learn of you.Your money for the 1st time will truely reach the people you need most. inquiring ,upward mobile business owners and entrepeneurs like you. You can keep spinning your wheels talking to the same online coiners,or you can call us and change everything. The Win-Win-Win Solution to Increasing Customer Retention, Enhancing Sales and Saving Money! YOUR CUSTOMERS WILL BE REWARDED FOR SHOPPING!! Each time a customer shops at one of our stores they receive a valuable gift of a useful local coupon from the surrounding business community. Receipt-back coupons give you an exciting way to showcase your brand to people daily. EXPERIENCE INCREASED SALES WITH COINPON.COM PRINTED RECEIPTS We provide you with the opportunity to print your own advertisement on the back of the receipts to promote your products or services. In addition, customers have been known to return to the store and make a purchase for the sole purpose of obtaining a desired coupon.With our coinpon they will get rewarded for doing that.EMAIL US for info @

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