Getting Excited Starting Out

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Finally got my account created here at bitlanders.  Really kind of excited to get started.  Ever since I first ran into this site, I just liked the idea of it, and I was unable to create an account due to Facebook not really liking my current email address that I was using.  But now that it is all resolved, so here I am.   

I do love the way the site walks you through getting started, and I will be expressing that to my friends as well to try and get them over here.  But ya enjoying myself thus far.  I am working on a few things today.  Watching my little 3 year old niece all day as usual, but she's so cute that it is never really too much of a chore.

I have a few websites to get online today, but the balance of priorities is the name of the game today.  Guess we will see how it goes.. Stay Tuned!!! =)

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