Giant Heads Invading Bilanders especially the global chat

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One of my daily routine here at  bitlanders is talking with bitsers through global chat. Everyday in my spare time, I go there just to make fun through conversation while talking non sense sometimes. But today, Something seems so different. I mean.. It was a very very very big difference when it comes to the appearance of avatars.

I used to reciprocate some of my buzzers by buzzing them back when I notice one of my best buddies here mohammad-belal-khan. At first I thought there is something wrong with my browser so I decided to refresh it.

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But then again, I see some avatar at the global chat still appears bigger that its usual size. So i decided to ask some about this strange happening at bitlanders. Only to figure out that there is nothing wrong in my browser, but the user itself does it for fun.


The normal size of an avatar is like this one

Isn't it appropriate and good to see having a normal size of your avatar? But others make it because of their so-called "having fun". Yeah, I admit I laughed at first because we all know that big heads represents the one with a bad attitude, but this situation is different. Some good person here decided to explore this new option in our home page.

oh! I don't want to try, haha. According to miss heartluv., you can make your avatar appears bigger the head by reconstructing it through that icon 'smiley' and pays 2 gems for that and the other option is through changing outfit.



Since the normal size of Global chat is just enough for those who have the normal size of the face of the avatar, the Giants almost occupy it a lot. As you can see, before you can see the conversation flow slowly. You can see the responses of some users even without dragging it down. But now, Since the big heads invaded the global chat, you can't go with the flow in the normal way because they occupy too much of space there.

The other down about this is that, you pay 2 gems for changing the size of your avatar. We all know that gems plays important role in this site. We use gems to submit good content but changing your avartar by using gems? and not getting anything from it aside to its appearance? is that a good act?. For me not. It is just a waste of gems, but for those who did that, It is worth it because they put smiles on someone face especially for those who just see that. Like I was before at the very first time. Thanks Guys!


On the other hand, this new avatar appearance help me smile for a while and forget the tough ranking standing on this site. I admit I am trying hard to maintain my rank and these people who do that changes make me change my beast mode to an angelic face today. LoL.

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