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To be honest, I never tried to give some money to any charities before. I prefer to give some things and clothes that we don't need anymore even some toys but not money.   But it's good that through Bitlanders, now I can help and share my small blessings to some charities here. Any amount is already a big help for them. 


1st Donation
(Action against Hunger)

Action Against Hunger | ACF International,
a global humanitarian organization committed to ending world hunger,
works to save the lives of malnourished children while providing communities
with access to safe water and sustainable solutions to hunger.​ 

Action Against Hunger saves the lives of severely malnourished children while helping vulnerable communities become self-sufficient.


action against hunger(click image)


2nd Donation
(Safe Place)

SafePlace is ending sexual and domestic violence through
safety, healing, prevention and social change.

This is for women  who suffered from sexual and domestic violence to keep them safe, healed and prevent and have social change. Let's help.


safeplace charity(click image)



3rd Donation
(Global Medical Relief Fund)

The non-profit, non-partisan Global Medical Relief Fund “Federal Tax ID: 13-3987722″

aids children who are missing or have lost the use of limbs or eyes, or have been severely burned, or have been injured due to war, natural disaster or illness.
Since its founding in 1997, GMRF has brought more than 150 children to the U.S. from Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia for treatments, surgeries and prosthetic limb and eye fittings. What higher mission is there than aiding innocent, victimized children?


Global Medical Relief Fund



Let's Help! Let's Donate :)

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