Gliding in Japan, Microsoft Xbox One Lonely Buyers

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TOKYO - Microsoft Xbox One was present in Japanese retail stores. However, the presence of entertainment devices made ​​by companies from the United States that does not seem cheered by the buyer in Japan.

Reported Phys, Thursday (09/04/2014), Microsoft's gaming console is present on Thursday 4 September 2014 or After waiting more than nine months after the Xbox One is present in North America, Europe and Australasia, this device finally arrives at retail stores Japan.

The presence Xbox One in Japan is not as busy as the PlayStation 4 is currently circulating in the State of the Cherry Blossom. Reportedly, there is only one enthusiastic gamers to buy the Xbox One in a largest electronics retail store in Tokyo.

"I was surprised that I was the first person to get this even though I do not wait in line," said Kazuyuki Wakai, which is surrounded by a number of local journalists and international media.

Wakai 30-year-old said that he chose Xbox because of the sophistication of the graphics. In addition, there are certain game titles are only available on the Xbox One, including the series 'Halo'.

Microsoft said, the development of software applications and linguistic challenges or language is one of the reasons why the new Xbox One slide in Japan. Company unveil in April that they shipped more than five million units of the game console globally since launch in November last year.

Sony reported, global sales of the PlayStation 4 months ago to reach 10 million units in less than one year. (ahl)