Global Warming (Poem)

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Global Warning


Global Warming is taking over,                                                                          

Making earth a hotter place,                                                                               

As ice falls into the sea,                                                                     

And the ozone fades away every day,                                             

Creating disaster everywhere you see,                                                                      

From raging wildfires and long drought,                                                              

To rising oceans and fast floods,                                                                                                             

Causing Earth excruciating pain,

Save our planet,

Before its TOO LATE.



I chose to write a poem about global warming because I have a strong passion in trying to raise awareness for global warming. I want to help slow down global warming in order to help animals that are being harmed from it. For example, polar bears are becoming endangered because their habitat, the ice, is being destroyed due to the ice is melting. There is more carbon dioxide in the sky currently than at any point in the last 800,000 years. Also, the United States has shrunk because of global warming. Sea levels around the world have ascended by eight inches in the last 100 year time span, swallowing up coastline everywhere, including in the United States. 


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