Global Warming

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                                                   Global Warming

Global warming is defined as that the temperature of air and sea surface increases. Due to which drastic changes to the earth have been occurred and this process is going on.

Cause of Global Warming

 The cause of global warming involves the CO2 and some other pollutants. These pollutants when rise up then absorbs heat energy and got trapped between earth and its surface. In this way cause increase in the heat of the earth air and above sea.


Effects of Global warming

The effect of global warming is very drastic. It can fall down a country’s economics with in few days. It involves

  • Flooding
  • Weather disasters
  • Increase in temperature
  • Removal of areas adjacent to sea
  • Melting of Glaciers
  • Death due to the sudden heat waves.
  • Illness and death due to infection produced through floods

Picture below will help you to understand the global warming.


Possible solutions are made by scientist by reducing the use of fossil fuels. That is most potential source of carbon dioxide. Development of new renewable energy sources like biodiesel from crops or from microalgae. Make advancements in the power plants process to produce less pollutant. Development of CO2 sequestering process like microalgae, for 1 kg of microalgae there is need of 1.8 kg of CO2. But it needs sudden action to save our future. These sequestering processes on commercial scale are under development.