Global warming

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Global warming is one of the major problem world is facing today. Global warming is the rise of temperature of the earth surface. In 20 century the temperature of earth is risen about 0.8 centigrade i.e. about 1.4 F this global warming is affecting the human as well as whole bio sphere.  

The main reason of the global warming is the human activities due to which the concentration of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Every day we don’t know how we are affecting or environment. Transportation system is increasing day by day which means the combustion of fuel which lead to the increase in the concentration of CO2 and the combustion of fuel in the industries and emission of some of the gases in the air is also increasing global warming it is estimated that about 20% of concentration is increased in the atmosphere in last decade.

  • The effects of the global warming are disturbing the ice is melting everywhere scientist is saying that after the century the world 5 largest continent will be vanished from the world’s stage  and raising the sea level is increasing day by day and it is estimated that about the end of the century it will rise between 7 to 23 inches

Different species are at the brim of the extension the number of penguins, Number of polar bears sea lions has also decreased to its half.  Many species of butterfly are extended from the world stage. It has also influenced the migration patterns of the birds and different animals

Rainfall and snowfall is increased in last decades which gave rise to many floods in different parts of the world some of the most deadliest drought have seen in the past decades and  scientist are also giving its credits to global warming. Some scientists says that if the same situation exist in a century then the whole climate will be changed and the sea area will become the dessert and desert will be the seas 

  • the core of the earth has risen through 1 degree Fahrenheit and even more at the south and north polar region due to which the eruption of volcano also  increases and some are saying that increase of earthquake are also due to the global warming

The evidence that human is making the world a baking cake is not undeniable but question arises how can we stop global warming although the CFC (chlorofluorocarbon) which was used in the refrigerator was banned to stop global warming and many countries are taking steps to reduce the production of CO2 but it does not going to stop the global warming but no one knows the exact solution of global warming.


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