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Welcome to the world of the future Internet-society


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Come and get familiar with the world of social networking websites of the future, where exist no restrictions, you can easily get in touch whoever you wish, you can get the most popular services and you may also become an owner.

This is the society of the future

The major problem with the largest worldwide social networking websites is that more and more restrictions are introduced therefore to maintain liaison, to get acquainted with others and to establish new relationships are becoming increasingly difficult.

The goal of GlobAllShare is to set up the largest unrestricted social networking website of the future, here you may really keep in touch with whoever you wish, you may get to know people simply, you may build up new relationships, in an instant you can reach anyone all around the world with what you wish to share with them and anyone may view the postings of yours.

No restrictions

There are no restrictions on the social networking website of GlobAllShare and your postings can be viewed by anyone in the world. The GlobAllShare's objective is to create a really global, social message board worldwide accessible at a time, where you may see every posting and everyone may view your postings as well, thus you will never lose any news any more.

All free

The use of GlobAllShare community is all free. Neither now, nor in the future will you have to pay for the use. You may get services at GlobAllShare's website completely free for which elsewhere you used to pay. Free phone, free video-calls, live web-lectures, web-conference, video-email, SMS sending, games, films, music and all free you may create your own website or web-store, too.

You may get the GlobAllShare's services all free all over the world.

Be the owner

A social networking site world to realize revenue from several billions of dollars each year to enable some pasilitas free to users in their web.
GlobAllShare goal is not only to allow free use for the user, but to make them feel their own global community and thus they will form as they feel appropriate. That is why GlobAllShare ensure ownership status for each user in the form of free shares during the pre-organization.
Each member GlobAllShare, who joined the society during the pre-organization and contribute to global growth thereof, may obtain GlobAllShare shares continue all free of charge and each month will receive a dividend of global profits in the proportion of shares held after the business was launched.
Have income from global advantage

GlobAllShare global share gains with its users, who have contributed to the global growth and spread during the pre-organization.
After the business was launched GlobAllShare shareholders will receive their dividends every month from 70% of global profits in the proportion of shares held, so that each shareholder will get a constant monthly income.
GlobAllShare shareholders will not only get a monthly dividend, but also be able to sell their shares at a nominal value, get a large amount of direct and in this way.
Get your own stock

You can also get your stake in the community GlobAllShare only during the pre-organization. All you need to do is to invite friends and acquaintances to the GlobAllShare website.
If you have invited 5 friends you are successful, you will get 1 share GlobAllShare directly. But you may not only get the stock after an acquaintance invites you own, but after any further users are invited by your friends as well, especially after the acquaintance friends' as well, because through 7 the next level after each of your friends, who realize 5 successful invitations you also will get 1 share more GlobAllShare.
If you have invited 5 friends you are successful, you will get 1 share GlobAllShare directly. But you may not only get the stock after an acquaintance invites you own, but after each advanced users invited by acquaintances as well, especially after the acquaintance friends' as well, because through 7 the next level after each of your friends, who realize success you 5 invitations will get 1 share more GlobAllShare.
continuous income

Once your interest in the global community GlobAllShare you may have a monthly income constant, because you are paid dividends of global income in each month, in proportion to the number of shares you own.
If you have to invite 5 of your friends to the community GlobAllShare successful and also invite 5 friends invited their friends in 7 the next level after you, then you may be entitled to the following dividends in each month.
Level 1 5 1 GAS Invitation share
Level 2 25 5 GAS Invitation share
3125 level of 25 GAS Invitation share
4625 level of 125 GAS Invitation share
Level 5 3125 625 GAS Invitation share
Level 6 15 625 3125 GAS Invitation share
Level 7 78 125 15 625 GAS Invitation share
Total 19 531 GAS share
According to the example, you might get a completely stock 19 531 GlobAllShare reasoned, after which you'll pay monthly dividends after the global launch attempt. If, for example, you paid only $ 0.25 dividend of global profits month, you will earn $ 5,000 per month. You might even get a monthly dividend $ 0.5 or $ 1.0 after each of your shares, thereby monthly income of $ 10,000 or $ 20,000 can be easily generated.
You can monitor the number and value of your shares as well as the amount of your monthly dividends on WebOffice permanently.
instant money

As a member of the community GlobAllShare you may not only get a monthly income in the form of dividends, but also a large amount of money because you can sell your shares promptly.
After the global launch of this effort, you can sell your shares at a nominal value, thus making a large amount of money directly. Let us take an example: if the nominal value of the stock is $ 10 after launching the business and in accordance with the above example you have a stock 19 531 GlobAllShare, you can sell them for $ 195,531 altogether, so that you get a large amount immediately. Clearly, the nominal value of shares can easily reach $ 20 or $ 40 per share, depending on the number of people who use community portal GlobAllShare worldwide.
It should be noted that the user can buy the stock GlobAllShare only during the pre-organization according to their performance, therefore, at the launch of a global effort only they will have stock that contributes to the development of GlobAllShare.
After initiation attempt no further shares will be issued, so that the stock can be purchased from them exclusively involved in the formation of a global network and receive stock for their contributions.

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