Go for Best Non Alcoholic Arabic Perfume BinAshraf

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Bin Ashraf  is a brand of perfume for men and women who love and appreciate the beauty of the natural simplicity. The brand gets back to nature and uses organic ingredients for incense high quality with an economy of its major customers.


Bin Ashraf is a classic woody oriental fragrance decorated with orange blossom, rich in splendor and refinement. It is exclusively created for modern men and women and confident with discerning taste. A true natural fragrance designed for the most special luxury occasion.


If you're looking for the fragrance that smells good, lasts for hours and above all, it must have different notes of perfume then you should go for the Arab perfumes.

Arab fragrances are perfect in the sense that they are not dizzy. Arabic perfumes usually have hints of sweet fragrance and lighter up that make you feel relaxed and instantly get noticed in your first whiff of perfume. Arab fragrances are gradually heavier notes and lasts in your clothes even after washing clothes.

If you are afraid to wear a perfume that could have alcohol in it then you should try Ashraf Bin-perfume with confidence. Ashraf Bin-Arabic perfume is better because it has no alcohol. It remains in clothes for many hours because it is lighter, sweet and citrus notes he have an impressive projection. When you wear Ashraf Bin-fragrance spreads around you in seconds and surrounds you with an elegant fragrance for hours.

Bin Ashraf also introduces gift hampers for its clients for boosting them. Various lucky draw has done when Fast and Furious 7 was released tickets were distributed to those customers  who took part in lucky draw.

You can buy it online from any where.


Source : http://www.binashraf.com/

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