God Supplies You With His Kindness and Goodness

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God Supplies You With His Kindness and Goodness 

On that ghastly Friday morning, which ironically has become known as “Good Friday,” Jesus is a swollen, bloody mess. Most of his friends hightailed it hours ago, leaving him alone to face the physical agony of crucifixion, the emotional anguish of a jeering crowd and the spiritual horror of separation from God the Father.

Yet during this entire nightmare, Jesus has responded, well, strangely. On the way to his execution he has paused to console a group of grief-stricken women. He has used what little breath he is able to catch to pray for those who have been so merciless to him. He has demonstrated compassion and forgiveness to a criminal dying at his side. And he has taken pains to see that his grief-stricken mother is cared for by a friend.

In the ultimate tough time, Jesus models kindness and goodness. And because his Spirit lives in us, we also have the capacity to use personal tragedy as an opportunity to care for others.

God’s Promise to Me

  • Those controlled by my Spirit will be marked by pure kindness and goodness.

My Prayer to God

Cause your kindness and goodness to flow through me, Lord. It is not natural for me to think of others or to think of glorifying you when my life is filled with pain. Teach me to live supernaturally. I want to be selfless like you, Jesus—always seeking to bless others.

Taken from Once a Day Bible Promises


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