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We dream for something,

we dream for everything
but we never noticed that we had already the greatest gift ever in our lives.

It is normal for us to have our dream because
we dream from the sufferings and pain we had.
But realizing everything, we should never forget
that we had already the best, the best ever which
God's gift to us and that is no other than our MOTHER,


my own MOTHER is the greatest gift I had.

And I doing everything now for my mother.

She sacrifices, she loves, she cares for everyone.
She works, she thinks for the better.
Without salary but just seeing her loved ones happy and better,
that is the only thing make her happy.

I am so lucky to have my mother. The Best Ever Mother.
During my ups and downs, she never leaves me instead stay all by my side.
Feels what I feel and suffer what I am suffering.

I love you so much my dear Mother.

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