GrandPa Don't Have Senior Citizen Card

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My grandfather on father's side is already 95 years old and he is still actively alive and kicking. Although he has some eyesight problems, this doesn't stop him from working out at his little garden just beside our house in Bohol. The last time I went home, he is not working in the garden because it was summer and his plants had died due to the hot weather but he had switched to cleaning up the weeds from the front yard. He stays up until the sun light would hurt him and then returns back by the afternoon when the heat isn't that bad anymore.

Last week, some of our neighbors visited him, those of whom were really close to the family and had checked him if he is still fine. He can still recall each and everyone of them and can still remember those things about their grandparents who were friends with my grandfather.

After all the talks, they then questioned if my grandpa is a registered senior citizen because as per them, if a Filipino citizen reaches a hundred years old, he'll receive a hundred thousand pesos as well. Well, unfortunately, he isn't registered because one, his birth certificate was burnt together with the old municipal hall. He didn't bother to follow up.

Now, my father is asking me to get an NSO birth certificate and I can't do so because I am missing some info, grandpa is saying he doesn't know his father's middle name and his mother's maiden name. This is a problem now and I am unable to get one from the online site because of this.

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