Had A Blessed Day at Church

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All night last night I cried because of my neck hurting and I got to thinking when I woke up this morning that nobody or Satan was going to stop me from going to church because I believe in god and his mighty powers of healing's. I went and took my son this morning with me. You know when you are home and you think to yourself well do I let Satan in or let God in because with God he heals and he gives me strength to deal with everything thrown at me. 

Yesterday my son decided to get mad and I kept telling him to walk away without having or causing any commotion but yet he chose to retaliate and his temper got out of control. I kept praying to God to help pull him out of what he is thinking or going through in his mind to just walk away instead he chose not to. Well today I woke him up without a fuss he got in the shower and then got ready to go to church. 

I sat here for a little while to catch up on everything I do online and find time to write and now I am home writing and that is what I love to do is write and express things that Love to do and most of all cook and bake a lot. My two favorite things and I took over after my moms cooking since she is no longer to cook she is taking care of her mother which is my grandmother whom is 98 years old.

I hope everyone is have a blessed Sunday.

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