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{Hair Care}

Are these factors causing hair fall for you and how you can work around them? 

{Hair Care}

A lack of an entire year of hair care and now I am sporting a shoulder length hair which I can not tie neither can I flaunt because it frizzes out crazily! And, facing a major amount of hair fall.
That reminds me that I get an insane amount of mails that everyone is facing a major amount of hair fall and I am not really mocking anyone, mind you. I am just trying to address a problem here. No one really specifies what major amount? Actually, does any one really know how much amount of hair falling is actually called a hair fall issue gone out of hand. 

How much hair fall can be called a hair fall problem?

Officially, everyday we can expect up to around 150-200 hairs coming out of the hair which if we look in a bunch would obviously look a lot!! And, this value can actually vary depending on our diet intake, lifestyle, stress, climate, lack or excess of exercise, lack of omega 3's and good fats in the system and what not!! Its not really easy to make out what is happening to hair and our internal body. Well, that is why probably yoga is one of the most preferred ways to keep body in balance. So, let me just try to write down what can be the most immediate factors for major hair fall in the body.
If you have a continuous hair fall of copious amount for more than two months under variable conditions, then probably it is something to pay attention to. But, again, may be you are pregnant or going through post-partum period or have been recovering from a major shock or change in your life. See what I told you - hair is damn fickle!!

{Hair Care}

May be you have thyroid or diabetes or anything else? 

Do check out with your doc and get some blood tests done and rule out the more serious health conditions. Thyroid is more often than not the culprit but then you can get yourselves scanned for canceralso, just in case!! Better to safe than sorry. And, then, do check out for antibiotics you are taking. They can weaken your immunity to an alarming rate and hair is the first to show such symptoms.
Oh btw, the list does not end here. Do you have PCOS or PCOD? Or, may be anaemia? Or, your body is basically using all its resources somewhere else. Hair and skin are the last organs to be given nutrients as they rank pretty low on the major organs list of the body so they are the first to show any symptoms of problem in the body. 

Do you have fine hair? 

Ok, this is a sad news for all those fine hair owners. Fine hair is more prone to hair fall than the thick hair counterparts. Now, I am not sure if it is because of the breakage or weak roots, both of which mean weak hair.

Keep changing your parting

If you have been parting your hair or your hair gets parted automatically at the same place, beware that the said area is a potential bald spot zone. It is prudent to keep changing your hair part often to encourage hair growth at all the hair lines. This can, especially, increase the female pattern hair baldness problem. Keep changing the part from extreme left to extreme right. 
Similarly, if you tie your hair constantly in one place, it is a good habit to sport different hair styles. Tying hair or sporting same hair style everyday at the same place creates strain and weakens the hair at that spot so it breaks off easily. So, if you are braiding the hair, leave it in a ponytail next day. 
{Hair Care}

Improper Diet

Well, isn't diet the most obvious cause of any issue in the body? Lack of iron, lack of sulphur, lack of zinc, lack of magnesium or potassium, lack of good fats, lack of Vitamin A or B family or C or even D, anything can result in hair fall. Vitamin B family is way too important for hair growth whether it is a biotin or folic acid.

Also, lack of protein causes the hair to lose volume and become lanky. Lack of water makes hair lose all the shine and bounce. So, ultimately, it is the food which makes our hair look amazing. So, get your diet to include some eggs, green leafy veggies and fruits. Basically, eat everything and make your plate as colourful as possible! 

So, this was just a basic round up of all the reason which might cause severe hair fall. Let us discuss more about them some other time

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