Hair tattoo hack

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Our hairstyle could change the way we look. Our hairstyle could define who we are as a person.

When we see people with tattoos, the first thing that comes in our mind is that person could be an addict or someone who just got out from jail. But what if we put tattoos on our hair? It's impossible? Silly! It's easy.  You can  do it in just 4 easy steps.

What do we need?

Golden tattoo. ( I bought mine for 35 php )

Scissors. (Ask help from mom kiddos)

Hairspray. ( For stronger hold)

Water and cotton or tissue

So here are the steps:

1. Choose the Golden tattoo that you want to put on your hair and cut it.

2. Slightly damp your hair with wet tissue to hold it together in place.  NOTE: Do not wet it too much or the tattoo woudn't transfer to your hair

3. Remove the plastic part of the golden tattoos and place the part with tattoo on your hair and transfer it by applying wet cotton or tissue. Do it gently until the tattoo is transfered. 

4. To make it last for atleast a day apply some hairspray. Then voila you're good to go.

Fun thing about this hair tattoo is that its cool and sheek, it's easy to put and easy to remove as well. You don't even need to go to a salon to have it.

So ladies try it out now.

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