Happy Easter Bitlanders!

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I didn't see it coming. I thought Easter would just pass without Bitlanders paying attention to it. But I was wrong. After the Chinese costume (Qipao), finally, there comes another source of big buzz bonuses again - the Easter costumes! Easter bunny ears and Easter egg basket would give you 10 and 15 additional buzz bonus for 5 days, consecutively. That made me jump for joy! At least before I left, I was able to grab this big bonus! 

It costs me a total of 45 gems but it sure is worth it. I couldn't go wrong with that! I actually had to put bitcoins in my money board from my bitcoin wallet to be able to buy the 50 handful of gems because I lack 0.0079 BTC.

I wore it right away after buying it. I'm excited like that! 


Two words. SO FABULOUS! Hahaha! I look so cute and feminine in there! But it doesn't make boys here masculine. Haha they're just cute and that's all. Haha peace!

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