Happy Philippines' Independence Day! New festive Outfits, Tiara and additional Buzz Bonuses.

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2018 Philippines' Independence Day celebration on bitLanders


Limited time offer & Buzz Bonus

One of the most significant dates in the Philippine’s history is Independence Day which is celebrated annually on June 12.

Since we started celebrating this special holiday on bitLanders, we have been releasing one unique Tiara every year. To celebrate the 2018 Philippines' Independence Day on June 12, as always, we are releasing another  Tiara: Topaz & Diamond Tiara! You would definitely want it for its glamorous and sparkling looks!  

The Tiara costs 500 gems and will give you 30 Buzz Bonus for 180 days. It will only be available for 24hours on June 12. (The tiara can be used for both female and male avatars)


Limited time offer - Topaz & Diamond Tiara

Topaz & Diamond Tiara for the 2018 Philippines' Independence Day on bitLanders


Celebratory items & Buzz Bonus

During the celebration, we are also releasing some festive accessories and brand-new Filipino Outfits. 

The Filipino Outfits include 4 gowns for female avatars: Filipiniana Purple Floral Gown, Filipiniana Ocean Blue Gown, Filipiniana Beige Gown, Filipiniana Aegean Blue Gown, and 2 suits for male avatars: Philippine Ocean Blue Barong suit and Philippine Spruce Blue Barong suit. These festive outfits are available for 2 weeks, from June 05 to June 19. Each item cost 2 Gems and rewards 1 Buzz Bonus for 4 days

The festive accessories include 1 balloon and fireworks which are also available for 2 weeks, from June 05 to June 19. Each item cost 5 Gems and rewards 2 Buzz Bonus for 7 days

New Filipino Outfits for the 2018 Philippines' Independence Day on bitLanders


bitLanders Celebratory items for the 2018 Philippines' Independence Day


Check them out in the “What’s new” and “Ethnic” category in the bitFashionista online store and let's celebrate this important festival by dressing yourself up with a gorgeous Filipiniana Gown or Philippine Barong Suit!

By the way, besides the Filipino ethnic outfits, you can also get traditional Japanese, Native American, Chinese,  Pakistani, Indian, Indonesian and German ethnic outfits.


Upcoming events

Take a look at The list of celebrations on bitLanders in 2018, make sure you don't miss them!

In the upcoming events, we will be celebrating:

  • July 4th
  • Pakistani, Indian and Indonesian Independence Day in August
  • Hajj and Eid-al-Adha in August


Stay tuned!



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