Haters Are Admirers in Disguise

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bitLanders is a free social media platform that rewards its users for their content and social activity. At this site, we, users are allowed to  post content in four sections  such as; videos, blogs, images, micro-blogs . And also to chat, make friends and to be known by others.  

Bitlanders.com is not just a simple social media site for me because this site offers us to share contents that we want and pay us for doing that in bitcoin. I have written some blogs that serve as a guide for the newbies here, check those -->  bitlanderscom-a-tutorial-for-the-newbies,bitlanders-as-a-paying-social-media-site and bitlanderscom-a-survival-tips-for-the-newbies . Aside from blogs, there are lots of tutorial on how this site, bitlanders.com, works and I just got this video tutorial to make this short. Watch the video below.


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I joined this site four months ago; I created my account last September 9, 2015. Luckily, I found some true friends here by the use of GLOBAL CHAT. I make friends with some users here to enjoy my journey in this site. They guide me and support me about earnings and they help me enjoying my stay here.

At first, I am just exploring this site, posting, chatting, buzzing and reading some blogs from some of the great bloggers here UNTIL a certain user introduce me the LEADER BOARD. Click this link to check the leader board ---> leader board pages She said that I can make it there so I tried. 




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The Leader board is the page wherein you can see the top earners in this site; there you can see the number of buzz score and the latest earnings of the top 30 users. Being on the leader board needs a time and a hard work to make it to the top.


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The above video gives us the reason why do we compete. In bitlanders.com, we also compete with the other users. Leader board serves as the battle ground for the great bloggers. Those who are in the leader board are considered as the winners.


The Ups for Having The Leader Board

In school, the students are being ranked so that they see their standing and make them motivated to improve their grades more. Here at www.bitlanders.com, bitsers (bitlanders users) are also being ranked every day. The raking in this site is based on the buzz score, we have in a particular day. The top 1 is the one who got the highest buzz score.

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The good thing about having this leader board is that Leader board serves as a motivational place for all the users of this site. Admit it, everyone who knows the essence of being on the leader board also wants to reach it. Some efforts are required to fulfill the dream and to reach it to the top, so guys, work hard to achieve your goal here. Being on, at least at the 30th place is considered as a great achievement for me because it takes time, effort, and great working mind to be on that place. That is not that easy to achieve so be proud if you make it. And another good thing for having this battle field for the bloggers is that, we set a goal. We set a goal to maintain or even more to improve our rank and by doing that we work hard. Work hard, think creatively and strive more to fulfill our goals. By this routine, we learn more and discover more depend upon to our topic we are writing. Thus, Leader Board is good.

The Downs for Having The Leader Board

Everyone has a dark side. Not everyone that is smiling is happy, not everyone who shows concerns is really caring. Admit it or not, people get jealous sometimes. We are not perfect, we feel bad to others sometimes. Some of my friends here said that I am sweet, but I always insisted that I am not so that when I show them my dark side they will be ready at my worst, well, I already shown but I guess they don’t mind because they still see me the same. ^___^

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The downs of having a leader board are that, users are now more into earnings. Read my blog (my journey here and the impact of mickys blog about ban for buzz and sub comments and on the chat ). The users become aggressive to earn more and because of that, they don’t notice that everything really changed. Before, we go to global chat to socialize with others, but now, majority of the users go there just to exchange buzzes and to maintain their standing at the leader board. What really sucks is that, users use the word “cheater” to their fellow users and that’s why some started to fight and hurt each others by words. Another down is that, some, not only at global chat, but to their posts show their jealousy and that is so sad because aside from making themselves look bad to others, they also hurt the one they pointed out. :(

The sad truth behind my highest achievement here.


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It is not easy to achieve this goal, especially for me. I am not good in grammar, I always feel lazy to write, I need to find inspiration first before I start writing. I need a wide and conducive place to write and focus in writing. That's how I write. Thus, achieving this goal doesn't just happen in one day. Even though you write good, your progress moves in just step-by step process, like what the video above  illustrated.

As I said before, I want to reach the top and luckily, I did that not only once but twice as of now and maybe soon again. Well, I never stop hoping for that because some of my friends here support and sent messages to me just to encourage me to reach that again and I don’t want to disappoint them. So, until now, even though I am busy now in my real life, I still manage to write and submit articles just to have additional buzz scores and also to inspire and inform others from my writings.

When I first entered the leader board, I am at the rank 28, I am already happy to be at that rank because that is not that easy especially for a new user like me before. At that time, some of my fellow users greeted me and I know and I feel that they are all sincere for congratulating me. In fact, some Filipinos encourage me to step higher more at the leader board, so I am very much inspired about that.  I worked hard, then the time came that all my hard works were paid off. I reached the TOP.

It was January 9, 2016 when I reached the number one spot on the leader board. I am so happy about that so I am excited to see how users will react then I go to the Global chat immediately. I am so SHOCKED! It sucks because the first person who sent me private chat congratulates me BUT insulted me at the same time; do you understand how’s that feel? I am hurt. My mind started to think and those words played in my mind for a couple of minutes before I typed my reply message. Guys, don’t get me wrong,I am just sharing my experience. But then, I am blessed that God gave me friends who comforted me, they said good words and made me feel happy again. By the way, I do not want to hurt or to make revenge to that person that’s why I didn’t put the screen shot of that message here.



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Time heals all wounds, day passed by, my rank is rocking, going down and going up again, until he sent me message, this time, he is not into fight but to asked forgiveness. I am not hypocrite guys, I get mad, I got hurt, I reacted corresponds to what hurts me because I am a HUMAN. But ONE GOOD THING about being me is that, I can’t stay mad to people, when I’m hurt I keep distance but I never saved hatred in my heart. I always make myself happy than to hate people. Some called me as a CHILDISH GIRL because of that attitude. So I can say that I already forgive him before that sorry popped up in his message. We are in good terms now.



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There are a lot of reasons why people hate each others, but in this case, at this site, Having haters from being at the top is sometimes good because such kind of people serve as a motivation in disguise, so don’t let others hold your journey, stay positive despite of those who's pulling you down. Just focus to the people who believe and love you. And then, enjoy being at the top. That is not easy to reach so feel proud of yourself if you make it.


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I want to throw SOME of this song LINES, NOT all. ^__^ For me, I am not that famous and I am still standing on the ground so whatever you said and whatever you do, you will never pull me down. :P stop bashing people who makes continual progress, instead, work hard to reach their place. Nothing is good about feeling jealous to someone’s rank, you can do it too if you stop bushing and write blogs instead. 

The reality is that, I do not consider those who bash me and hate me as my HATERS because I consider them as my fans in disguise and my motivators to achieve more and more. Thank you! This is what I mean for staying positive despite of people pulling me down. See? I do not hate you guys. I really really really like you. You make me famous sometimes. ^__^ and I am thankful for that.


To all my friends here who always support me, thank you very much! I really appreciate you guys. Stay blessed and happy! Don’t forget to smile

Happy earnings! and socializing with others!


Note: this is my original work, please don't plagiarize. 

Thanks for reading!

--> Shaiera




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