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Film Annex is a platform where you are paid to be creative, literally. Each time you write a blog, film an interview or a short film, and upload it to Film Annex you are increasing your Buzz score. Your buzz score level influences the quantity of your monthly revenue. This all sounds rather heady, but what if we could show you what it all means using a metaphor that involves a tasty beer from Florida? 

The Happy Hour Guys, Jimmy and Mark, use Film Annex as a platform for their web series. They go around the world discovering the most historic and remarkable bars, the best Happy Hours, and great drinking stories. Best of all? They make money on Film Annex doing it.

Jimmy and Mark also make cool 'how to' videos. Their latest 'how to' video explains how YOU can make money on Film Annex, using a beer metaphor. I've got to warn you, they are really excited and happy about it.

Check it out: 

Watching that made you crave a beer didn't it. In addition to the beer, this video is great because Jimmy and Mark found a way to break down the process of making money on Film Annex so clearly. You, the content creator, are like the delicious Florida IPA and Film Annex is your glass. All you've got to do is fill it up and then drink the rewards! When it's laid out that simply how can you resist trying it out? 

Three Easy Steps to #SocialMediaThatPays on Film Annex: 

  1. Create a Film Annex account (takes a couple minutes tops). 
  2. Upload content - whatever it is you love. 
  3. Get paid. 

So, what are you waiting for? 


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