Have You Lost a Portion of Your Life?

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I know the title sounds vague, but I am referring to losing a portion of your life due to a debilitating disease or a chronic illness. My sister lost 15 years of her life due to her rheumatic heart disease (RHD). If we assume we get to live a productive life only until 60, then she lost a quarter of her life.

My sister's RHD started when she was 11 years old; now she is 26. This means that 15 years has been taken out of her by a twist of faith. I always look at it at the bright side, though. Maybe God has a good plan for her and our family that He is about to reveal at the right time.She underwent an open heart surgery on 2014 January 2014 at around 9 AM. I was never afraid or nervous because I had entrusted her life to God, who is the owner of all things. Without this free open heart surgery offered by the medical mission group from the United States, our sister would have to suffer all her life.

Before my sister was diagnosed of RHD, she used to be an achiever at school, from day care to elementary. Her RHD began in her grade five. She was lucky to finish grade school. To finish high school, she underwent acceleration.

Her 15 years of suffering was marked by frequent hospitalization . There was one instance where her heart stopped beating for one minute and we almost lost her, but God gave her a second life. 

This operation is God's way of showing His love and mercy. Although our family has endured so much hardship in trying to provide her medical and special needs, our sister's pain and suffering were incomparable. We just wanted to see her live a normal life, be happy, and make her dreams come true.

This is how she looks now.

How about you? Have you lost a portion of your life?

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