He is the One

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Its been usual for us GIRLS to really have that kind of dream of meeting someone that can be our knight in shining armor. Most of us also have this kind of dream of being with someone who will really love us until the end of time. We only want this kind of love that can really beat the span time of forever... and that is what we called unending and unconditional love. A love that can only be given by the One. 

Are you curious who is he?... Well, that is no other than our Savior, our Redeemer, our Lord.. JESUS CHRIST..


Right from the start he chose to save and to love us until the last breathe of his lungs. He showed to us how he is willing to sacrifice even his own life just to save and be with us. That kind of love is incomparable, untouchable and certainly majestic.

So if you will decide to fall in love?., better choose to fall your heart to him first.. because he will be the one who will put your heart in the right man :)

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