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Fitness is the main thing in the life of a man. A mighty man is a man who is fit and healthy by all means. He works on his own arm power and earn for his family. Besides earning a man should be a healthy one. There are many men who are skinny and have fists like girls but a healthy and mighty man is always fit by all means, by all directions, by all sides.


To keep our selves healthy and fit we should do exercise daily. And that exercise includes the jogging first of all and that is the basic exercise for any normal human. And due to that jogging that much stamina is achieved that no one can even imagine it. It is saying that to get something you have to lose something. So to get some stamina you have to lose some of your time for it. First you will jog up to some distance and take some rest and then again you will run for jogging. But after some days your distance will increase gradually. And that increasing distance shows that you will have to work more hard, but your stamina is increasing day by day as you will feel it. At start you will be tired soon. And you will have some kind of pain in your legs but you will be fit after some days as your stamina will increase.


The another thing after jogging to keep yourself fit and to keep your self healthy is the push ups. That how much pushups you can do in one row. You should have a daily drill of the pushups. And daily exercise to keep yourself healthy and fit by all means. The main advantage of the pushups is the increase of the stamina and secondly you have to do pushups to keep your chest vast and it will make our wings good and beauty if a man is in being healthy. But the main exercise is that of jogging and to do pushups.

After the pushups drill there comes the drill and exercise of the chin ups. The chin ups exercise is also very important to keep your biceps healthy and that will increase the size of your arm. You will look a healthy man. As mentioned that the beauty of the man is in being healthy one, a man looks a mighty man if he is healthy.

The exercises mentioned are for home you can also do them at home without any hesitation. But there are much exercises that cannot be possible at home they are only done at gym. A man should join gym to keep itself healthy and good. Gym have many kinds of exercises. And that exercises are done by every angle and by every side so that the body should get a proper shape. And body should get a proper exercise of all of the parts of the body.

The first thing in the exercise of the gym comes is the exercise of the biceps. And as suggested that the exercise is done by every angle so for the biceps there are many exercises. As the game and goal is only one and that is the increase of the biceps size. And that proper size is achieved by the game done by the proper exercise. First on the machines to warm up the bicep’s muscles and then we come on the rod with weight on the both sides. And you have to increase the weight attached on the side of the rods every week when you repeat the same exercise. By increasing the weight will increase the size of your biceps.

The another exercise comes is that of the triceps. And that triceps play an important role in making the shape beautiful of our arms. And triceps are the back side of the arm exercised as an angel to give it a proper shape and cutting.

The another exercise comes is that of the wings exercise. And that is the backbone of the all of the exercises and the back of a man looks beautiful.

The another exercise is the shoulders. The shoulders look very beautiful and a man look mighty in when his shoulders are having in a proper shape and size. And that is also done by the proper angle so that the shape of the body is not distorted.

And that is done by the proper angel exercise. In the next blog I will explain all kinds of exercises by all of the angels so that you can understand the exercises and you will understand it easily.

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