Health benefits of Curry leaves or Kadi Patta

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Curry Leaves or Kadi patta is a very common spice in food specially in South India where people are using in almost all dishes and for that we are also growing in our house yard this leaves but you will be astronished to know that this curry leaves are very much beneficial for other types of treatments also.The natural remedies are as follows:

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1.Very effective in stomach problems ,they are just the perfect choice for mucus .

2.Curry leaves have iron and folic acid so its a very good remedy to treat anemia in Human body naturally .They can easily fulfill the deficiency of iron in the body.

3.They are the most effective natural digestive ingredient in our food .

4.Curry leaves protect our liver and if we can take them regularly ,we can be free from hepatitis.

5.They are decreasing the bad cholesterol level and maintain the HDL level so chances of heart attack reduces a lot.

6.Curry leaves are very good for skin treatment and if we use regularly our skin becomes glowing and free from rashes .

7.They are very much effective from cold and cough .

8.Curry leaves are used in the treatment of high blood pressure if we use this regularly ,our BP get equalized or normalized.

9.If we can chew few curry leaves daily weight loss is possible .

10.Curry leaves are very effective to improve the eye sight.

11.They are used to treat kidney problems.

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