Health Benefits of Ginger

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Health Benefits of Ginger

Given below are the top 10 health benefits associated with ginger:

1. Constipation and Flatulence

Ginger is said to have superior carminative and antispasmodic properties. It provides relief from an upset stomach, bloating and gas by helping in expelling intestinal gas and soothing the intestinal tract. Ginger is a great antioxidant, which assists in preventing the composition of inflammatory compounds owing to its therapeutic anti-inflammatory properties.

2. Battles the Cold and Flu

Ginger is an effective time tested relief provider for those suffering from the common cold. It stimulates mucus secretion and warms up your body thereby easing out nose and throat congestion.

3. Helps Dealing with Sinusitis

Ginger can help those suffering from bouts of sinus, from time to time. The microcirculatory channels of the body get unclogged if you take in a small amount of fresh ginger juice regularly.

4. Treats Loss of Appetite

The digestive juices of the stomach get fired up when you chew on a tiny piece of ginger before having lunch, or your main meal Ginger soothes an upset stomach and is therefore also used to attend to acute stomach problems like colic or dyspepsia.

5. Aids Nutrient Absorption

Ginger aids in mucus secretion, thereby safeguarding against development of ulcers. It helps in improving the inclusion and incorporation of all the essential nutrients that go into your body.

6. Aids in Relieving Nausea

Ginger aids in relieving all gastrointestinal distress along with dizziness, cold sweating, etc. It especially reduces all symptoms of nausea such as seasickness, motion sickness, air sickness as well as morning sickness.

7. A great Joint Pain reliever

Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties which can provide relief to patients of Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. A few drops of ginger essential oil in the bathtub can offer huge relief to those suffering from aching joints and muscle pains.

8. Aids in Prevention of Cramps

Ginger has specialised enzymes that assist in digestion and easing of cramps by catalysing proteins from your meals. Ginger provides relief in the case of menstrual cramps too.

9. Stimulates a Lagging Libido

Ayurvedic writings suggest that ginger is a great aphrodisiac that can help increase your sexual libido by stimulating your circulatory system. A pinch of fresh ginger juice in your meal can strike just the right note.

10. Alleviates Allergies

Ginger acts as a natural antihistamine thereby relieving sinus related allergies. Its anti-inflammatory properties help decrease the aches and pains common during allergy attacks. Ginger also helps in restricting viruses.

Ginger as a Superfood

Not for nothing has ginger been termed as a Superfood! Ginger is also said to slow ovarian, colon and bowel cancers, and provide relief in cases of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart palpitations and migraines while also boosting your nervous, digestive, circulatory as well as immune system!

Partake of ginger either as a fresh stir-fry, or as fresh ginger tea or juice or even in the form of a tablet containing gingerol as a supplement. Aromatherapy lovers can also benefit from inhaling ginger essential oils.

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