Health is more important than weight

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I think many people are foolish to think that weight is more important than health.


They always talk about weight gain or weight loss, when in fact, the weight does not matter much.


It is the indicators of health that you should pay more attention.


If you have a high cholesterol problem, you have to drill into the report to see the readings for good cholesterol and bad cholesterol.


Most people do not have just high cholesterol problem.


They have high blood pressure, high uric acid, and a high body fat percentage in the body.


That is why their doctors ask them to lose weight. 


Actually the doctors use the wrong term.  It is to lose fat through regular exercise, not lose weight.


When you exercise, you burn fat, and build muscles.  As a result, you gain weight because muscles weigh more than fats.


However, all your health indicators improve.

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