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I'm highly elated to be here on Bitlanders, I will take this opportunity to introduce myself to this awesome community,  I'm Bill Gatsby, I'm here to contribute to this highly esteemed community, both in knowledge and experience. 

For the record I'm a software engineer, I worked at Xyz technologies. I'm an also a footballer and a blog addict. 

On the fore front technology.. I'll be contributing on..

1. Artificial intelligence 

2. Cryptocurrencies

3. Digital marketing 

4. Data science 

5. Blockchain 

6. Technology and many more 

I have a fair share of experience on the things I mentioned above,  I've been motivated by the works of Bill Gates, the Microsoft company and everything about technology has been fascinating,  Bill Gates is also a core investor in the Blockchain and I do also believe the Blockchain will thrive cause it's the future that lies ahead of us,  all lot of things has fascinated me about the blockchain.


Coming home to my personal interests, I'm a footballer, I love playing football and I'm currently a coach for a university team,  football is a game of life, it helps me to be calculated at whatever I'm doing to make plans before starting anything. 


I'm also a lover of music classical        music and jazz, I play the guitar once in a while.

Looking forward to connecting with you all.   Much love

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