Hello from Afghanistan

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---------------------------------- 'Hello' from Afghanistan-------------------------------

Hello! Do you hear me?
My colors are fading, my people are dying
I am crying for peace
I want the war to cease
My children are begging on the streets, suffering in the torching heat
They are the hope of the future- a future I can't give
The war has torn me apart, I can't ever forgive

Hello! Do you hear me?
My women are stoned and burned on the streets
I am a victim of "religion"-a religion I don't believe
Is He watching me from the skies?
Is there anyone hearing my cries?
My men are beheaded, as if they don't have a soul
Young and old are marching, asking why this violence?
We see them in pain, we see them suffering; yet there is silence

Hello! Do you hear me?
I am the land of beauty, embossed in magnificent mountains
My hills are glorious; my green lands are vivid
The world speaks of my hunger, poverty, war; I'm livid
I am the splendor of the region, the heart of the Silk Road
They call it the "war on terror"; I am crippled by nerves
They envy my lapis, my copper, my trillion dollar reserves

Hello! Do you hear me?
Give me the chance to bloom; give me the chance to shine
I believe in my youth; oh! they are full of vigor
Their devotion, their passion I need. It is their power I must savor
My hospitality is unmatched. My flavorful food, my colorful clothes are my mark
I will keep my wings open, my music loud, no matter how much you keep me in the dark.

Hello! Do you hear me?
I am Afghanistan.


By Wadsam

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