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journalSo I am back and learning to earn more here. I am also in MyLot but trying this since I have been in it forever. I just do normal posting but was told to gain followers and make lots of blogs and I will earn here. We will see how this all goes. I am only at $0.002 cents here and trying my best now. My son is in Kindergarten full time finally and he loves school. I am a blogger and sell stuff on both Mercari and Poshmark. My blogs are all mainly random blogs. Kind of like journals I guess you could say. I am sure going to try my best here and hope to earn pretty well since I am a stay at home mother. What do you all do at home to earn money for extra? Just curious. Maybe I will even write some reviews here. Them seem to be a hit on my other blogging site. How many of you are in MyLot? Well, more to come. This is just a start...Thanks for listening.

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i am a stay at home mother and blogger.

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