Hello, I'm a newbie here in Film Annex.

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Hi, I just joined Film Annex. I label myself as a film worker with an experience of 12+ years in the industry. I am a director, writer, actor, cinematographer, editor, assistant director, casting director, production manager and occasionally a musical composer/scorer for films.

I just learned that this site is good for writer/directors like me to both showcase my works as well as a means to monetize our passions. So basically I was hoping if any one could show me the ropes or even just give tips on how I can make and enjoy this site.

Thank you, Godspeed and God bless to all.



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I have been working in the motion picture industry with a 12+ years experience as a director, writer, actor, editor, cinematographer, casting director, assistant director, production manager and occasionally, a musical scorer.

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