Help MDF Go Out This Year with a BANG!

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Hi everyone! Its getting close to the end of 2015 and we are no where done yet. We want to end this year with a bang! MDF will be sending several countries some aid to do Michael's Dream Box deliveries. We have done a few so far. What we have decided to do is start with representatives from our own team here at MDF. So... here is where we will be spreading the love and extra healing power from the gift of Michael's love from all of you.
Possibly Australia is we have enough to send.
What this does for MDF is help to spread the mission faster and to more countries.
We will not send Aid until we feel it is enough to make a difference so please help MDF by sending what you can.
We are offering all countries the chance to request help from MDF to aid in a Michael's Dream Box delivery. We will not give money to random people but we will give to the establishment once verified and you can assist with the delivery, Meaning they will need to work with you on obtaining the toys locally.
What is needed is to send us a request first. To be considered there will be some key points to understand. 
A verified Children's institution, hospital, home, center, 
written permission from the establishment.
You will also need to help promote your delivery. 
We will need pictures of the delivery.
This is what we do as a foundation before we make any delivery, if you would like to be considered then send us your request to 

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