Her Love, the True Love

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Her Love, the True Love

Good bye, bye, bye, good bye,
Pierced like bullets,
Shattered my heart,
Shocked, shocked, shocked to hear,
Good bye, bye, bye, good bye.

Yelled in dark; she betrayed,
Shouted all the way; she destroyed,
Cried aloud; she deceived,
How simply with smile, bluntly she said,
Good bye, bye, bye, good bye.

Never imagined; my dreamland ruined,
Unbelievable, broke my faith; all drained,
Took a U turn; what she gained,
Roared my heart; wet the cheeks, tears rolled,
Dreamland’s rose’ dropping blood appeared.

End of journey, seemed full stop in life,
Revenge, angry, forget, excuse or end of self,
Walked, steps here & there, edge of a knife,
Puzzled, questions & questions, how’ll be life,
Vanished in dark; hatred entered in life.

Good bye, bye, bye, good bye.

Ran like mad, asked everybody,
Air, water, sky, plants, animals, everybody,
Everybody, everybody,
Dumb; open lips, none was ready,
Calm, shadows all over, world came to steady.

Feeble, feeble; my ears heard,
“Cancer won; you’ve been failed,
Ready to lift her anytime; absolutely conquered”,
Ah! Ah! Wha…!, What you said,
Never, nev.., Its all stupid.

Good bye, bye, bye, good bye.

Hey! What a fool ; unable to understood,
Sacrifice; its her true love, tears rolled,
What a great soul!, saluted, saluted,
Ran, extending hands, embraced, cried like a child,
Alas! Yeah, how alone you’ve decided.

Never, nev.. utter, Good Bye,
Hey! With me say, “ Hello, how are you?”,
Smile all the way, nobody can snatch my love,
Its our true love, resound all the universe,
Welcome, warm, warm, warm,
Warm Welcome.


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