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I looked in her eyes, but there was so much. So many things that I couldn't comprehend one. They were beautiful. Not that her eyes were big and round. It had something to do with them being intense I think. I would look at her and I would wonder what was going in them. They say eyes are a way to the soul but what do you do when you see so much and yet know nothing? I would watch her from a far even secretly sometimes, for her to deliver me something. Her eyes had this shine. They looked so youthful and complete but sometimes I think they looked sad or scared. I could never tell the difference. I wanted to ask her. But I never had the courage. She always seemed composed but sometimes in the middle of a conversation you could see from her eyes, she looked lost.


Anyone could tell she was not the usual type. She seemed to have too many heartbreaks, actually she seemed the type whose trust was something she gave only to a specified people. It was not like I had to prove to be her worthy. No, I did not have to prove anything. It was something she might give me in the middle of the night just before she slept.I might never know she trusted me. And I might as well never know I broke it. Because that is how she was. Silent. She wouldn't let me know her soul completely, she might give me bits of pieces but that is not all. It wasn't that she was proud or anything. It was just the way she was. I would want more but that's all she could give me. And if I got more lucky she might even give me more than what I give her all together, in just small pieces. I would know her worth not because she was reserved to me and kept too much to herself but because what she gave me was more than I could ask for.


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