Here’s what Evolve’s next map looks like

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 Evolve’s Big Alpha took place during the weekend just gone and while a few people weren’t happy with the PS4 or matchmaking issues, many got to hunt and be hunted in turn with a number of different characters and a couple of unique looking monsters. There were however only three maps to play on, even though the final game is said to have ‘more than’ 12. Well we now know what the fourth one looks like and it’s called “Orbital Drill.”

orbitaldrill Heres what Evolves next map looks like

This map is a little more caustic than some of the others, because as well as all of the usual wildlife that’s trying to take hunters and the monster down if the situation arises, there’s a new acid biome, featuring pools of the stuff, which if anyone wanders into, they’re going to know about it, with a steadily decreasing health bar.

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