Hi! A Little About Me.

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My name is Shekanah but you can call me Shoke or Shokemoke. I just joined about 3 days ago. I am loving the look and feel of this site. I hope to share things about me and what I am interested in. I am a singer and songwriter at heart, but love doing all sorts of things. I am good with computers and electronics and figuring out how they work even though I've never been trained. I kind of just wing it and look at directions later. I love to learn new things like learning languages of other cultures. I also am learning how to program apps, websites, and games. if you want to share your programming ideas with me I would love to hear them.

Speaking of games I will be sharing with you the online games I play and how I am doing with them and if it's worth the time to start playing yourselves. I play online strategy games. Right now I'm playing 4 and they are www.marketglory.com/strategygame/shokemoke" target="_blank">Market Glory, Goal Tycoon, Golden Towns, and proeconomica.com/referrer/shokemoke" target="_blank">Proeconomica. if you know of any other cool games I could play let me know. right now my favorite is Market Glory. I will be posting techniques I use to make money daily with it.

So other things I am into is spirituality. I am a christian but open to other ideas and theories. I watch a lot of inspirational and informative videos on youtube that I want to share with you to encourage you. I will post a few daily. My hope is that some of you will be inspired to do great things and live better lives. If you have heard of the law of attraction and practice it tell me what if anything have you manifested and brought into your life.

I love cartoons and animated movies. I am sort of a big kid even though I am way past that age. It's to keep the kid in you alive at times it helps you to not be so serious and enjoy the life that you have.

I'm sure I'll have more to say about myself but for now this is my introduction to me. Thanks for reading and let me know what you think!


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